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Freshly Greek

Sigma Chi Custom Name Engraved Polished Gold Challenge Coin

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This coin is in a polished gold finished with room on the bottom edge to add a custom engraving for you or your brothers!  This coin measures in at 2.5" so it's a large one!  The polished gold will absolutely shine in person so I am very excited for everyone to get these coins in hand.

The goal for these coins is to be shipped out before Decemeber 19th so that they are in time for christmas!  I am limited by production time, so christmas delivery is sadly not guaranteed at this time until I get a formal ship date from the die maker.

These coins are licensed and aproved by Sigma Chi and 9.5% of all the proceeds go to supprting Sigma Chi.

As always with my coins, I cover all the shipping charges for all my Sigma Chi Brothers.

Thanks brothers!